Yemeni Child Bleeds to Death After Arm Cut Off For Stealing

Yemeni anti-government protesters demonstrate in Sanaa. US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s eventual fall or his replacement by a weaker leader would pose “a real problem” for US counter-terrorism work. (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

Funny how that works…
Al-Qaeda took control of a Yemeni province back in May and already the people are getting tired of their barbarism. A young boy died earlier this year after his arm was cut off for stealing. The boy bled to death.
Bikyamasr reported, via ROP:

As Yemen’s southern provinces continue to be under the control of armed militants belonging to an offshoot of al-Qaeda, “Ansar al-Sharia”, a group which claim to want to base its judiciary upon the teaching of the holy Qur’an, is starting to anger locals as they continue to render a violent form of justice.

For the second time in a few months, the Islamists gathered residents of Jaar, a city under their control, in the southern province of Abyan, to witness the flogging of five young men who had been accused and found guilty of consuming narcotics.

Drug consumption is strictly forbidden in Islam as any other substance which would diminish one’s mental abilities and state of mind bringing one to a state intoxication.

The men were caned 80 times for their disobedience and infraction to God’s Laws as reported by “Ansar al Sharia.”

Earlier this year, a young boy and a man had their hands cut off for stealing electric cables, leading to the death of the youngest due to the loss of blood due from the severing of his limb.

Several residents in Jaar told local press that they were appalled at such barbarism, as they stressed that the militants were using the Qur’an out of context sullying its laws and teachings by promoting violence.

Ahmed al-Rawhih, Abyan Deputy Governor told reporters that residents were strongly denouncing the flogging, saying: “People are complaining about this terrorist and regressive group which claims to be acting in the name of religion, but it is the one violating religious principles by committing murders and causing thousands of people to be displaced as they flee their homes.”

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