Allred Presser: “Herman Cain Is Lying to America!… Enough Is Enough!” More… Accuser: “Herman Cain Grabbed My Head & Pushed It Towards His Crotch”

Accuser: “Herman Cain grabbed my head and pushed it towards his crotch.”

Oh my word… What a circus.
Howard Stern sidekick Benjamin Bronk opening Allred presser? What’s going on? The move was not dissimilar to what he did during the Anthony Weiner debacle as that scandal descended into a media sideshow.

Gloria Allred is late.


Allred is on:
She was born and raised in Chicago. Co-host of cooking show. She s a single mom.
She was fired from the foundation. Cain sat next to her at a convention. She asays Cain wanted to deliver a “stimulus package.”

Accuser Sharon Bialek speaks—
Sharon Bialek: After speaking to students at convention, Cain sat down next to me. I asked, ‘When are you running for president.’

Accuser “groping in exchange for a job.”

Business Insider reported:

Allred: “Instead of receiving help from Mr. Cain, he decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.”

Allred alleges that Cain engaged in “aggressive sexual behavior” toward Bialek when she asked for his advice.

Allred: I for one am disgusted at Herman Cain’s serial harassment of women.

Bialek said that she met Mr. Cain during a conference for the National Restaurant Association when she worked for the NRA’s education foundation in Chicago during 1996. Says Cain invited her and her boyfriend to a private party in his hotel suite.

She was fired from the NRA soon after, apparently for not raising enough money for the foundation. She said that, at the suggestion of her boyfriend, arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her future with the NRA.

Here are some more notes from the press conference:

Bialek said she didn’t file a complaint at the time because she wasn’t employed by the association. But she has two corroborating witnesses that she told at the time.

He wined and dined her and set her up in a hotel suite. Very nice hotel suite. In the car he put his hand up her skirt grabbing for her “genitals” and grabbed her head and pushed it toward “his crotch”.

He groped her and she said she wasn’t there for that, has a boyfriend, etc. and he said, “you want a job don’t you?”

“We need a leader who can set an example which exemplifies the standards of a good person and moral character.”

This is devastating.

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