Obama-Endorsed Occupy Oakland Goons Storm Bank & Vandalize the Lobby (Video)

The Democrats must be VERY PROUD.
The Obama-endorsed Occupy Oakland goons stormed a local Chase Bank and threw papers around in the lobby.
IndyMedia posted video:

Indymedia reported: After marching from Oscar Grant Plaza and around Lake Merritt on October 22nd, Occupy Oakland occupiers and supporters stopped in front of the Chase Bank branch on Lakeshore Avenue. Demonstrators began to stream into the bank, filling the branch and chanting, “Chase got bailed out, we got sold out.” Bank withdrawal and deposit slips were thrown into the air and within a few minutes demonstrators exited the bank and returned to the thousand-plus marchers in the street.

The Occupy Oakland goons threw deposit slips and papers up into the air. (Indymedia)

More… ZOMBIE has disgusting photos from the Occupy Oakland base camp.

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