REAGAN LIBRARY GOP CANDIDATES DEBATE – Live Thread ….Update: It’s The Attack Rick Perry Debate

Live from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on September 7, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Brian Williams opens up and blames Republicans for the current economy.
Brian Williams then attacked Governor Perry for the quality of jobs created.
Perry corrected him.

Governor Rick Perry quickly corrected NBC’s Brian Williams tonight when he tried to smear the governor’s jobs record in Texas. Perry told Williams that 95% of the jobs created in Texas were above minimum wage.


Governor Mitt Romney did a great job talking jobs as well.
His attack on Perry comparing the conservative governor’s efforts in Texas to Gore inventing the internet line drew a lot of laughs but it was not accurate.

Newt Gingrich is on fire. He just slammed Obama on his partisan far left agenda.

Herman Cain and the RINO Governor Jon Huntsman from Utah also sound good.

Newt Gingrich again slammed the debate hosts and brought the focus back on Barack Obama’s failed policies.
Home Run–

Nice tribute to Nancy Reagan – Well done MSNBC!

The media hammers Governor Rick Perry.
Mitt Romney attacks Perry and defends Social Security.
“By no measure would I say it’s a failure.”

Herman Cain points to the retirement system in Chile.

After an hour it’s become obvious that the media’s only objective tonight was to attack Rick Perry.
Perry just said, “I sorta feel like the pinata here.”

Newt was right… If the media succeeds in goal of watching Republican candidates attack each other, Obama wins.

Ron Paul is nuts. Wants troops to suffer in the heat.

Where is Michele Bachmann?

Brian Williams goes back on the attack against Rick Perry – challenges him on the Texas school systems.

Rick Perry: “For the president to come to El Paso and say the border is more secure than it’s ever been, he either has the worst intel in history or he’s an abject liar.”

Did anyone count the number of media attacks on Rick Perry tonight?… Barack Obama should be the one bowing to Brian Williams instead of the other way around.

Rick Santorum defends the Reagan record and Reagan Tradition on defending freedom and not apologizing for America.

Jon Huntsman defends global warming junk science. Good-bye.

Newt Gingrich on Bernanke: “I’d fire him tomorrow.”
Newt gave a terrific answer on creating jobs immediately.

Brian Williams Attack #47: Governor Perry how do you sleep at night with the death penalty in your state?

Michelle Malkin added: GOP candidates, turn around death penalty question: How can Obama sleep at nite with Fast and Furious blood on administration’s hands?

Brian Williams (Indirect) Attack on Rick Perry #48: Ron Paul, how do you feel about starving Texas children with bloated bellies?

Ron Paul gave a great response, by the way.

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