Hamas Very Concerned a Future Palestinian State Would Not Attack Israel

(Samson Blinded)

The Hamas terror group is very concerned a future Palestinian state would discontinue attacks on Israel.
After all, what is there to life for an Islamist thug, without bloody terror attacks on the Jewish people?
IMRA reported:

Al Qassam website – De facto Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said he
would launch “in-depth talks” with Palestinian resistance group Hamas on
issues pertaining to the government and “Palestinian horizons”.

This came in remarks by Abbas during his return trip from the UN General
Assembly after applying for full membership in the United Nations for the

“We will hold in-depth talks with Hamas in the coming period not only to
address reconciliation but the in-depth talks will be around the general
horizons of the Palestinians’ action,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hamas’s refugees’ affairs department has criticized Abbas’s move
at the UN, saying it bolstered the Palestinians’ recognition of Israel as
never before.

The statement also predicts that Abbas would ask the Palestinians to refrain
from all armed resistance against Israel, because if recognized as a state
by the Palestinians, acts of armed resistance against Israel would be
classified as aggression from one state against another and could draw heavy
response from Israel and possibly result in a renewal of occupation.

The statement says that by conferring legitimacy to Israel and officially
recognizing it as a state with pre-1967 borders the right of the Palestinian
refugees ejected from beyond those borders to return is put at risk.

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