FOX News – Google GOP Presidential Primary Debate **Open Thread**

The debate will be streamed live on YouTube.

Rick Perry took the first question on growing small business.
Some jerk in back booed.

Mitt Romney takes question on the economy.
“The people who were hurt worst in the Obama economy is the middle class.”

Ron Paul on Constitutional authority: “Veto every single bill that violates the 10th Amendment.”

Michele Bachmann answers question on how much goes to the government.
“When you earn your money, you keep your money.”
Bachmann gives a very strong answer

Santorum gets a lob pitch on right to work laws.
Hits an easy double.

Newt: “It’s fundamentally wrong to give people checks for 99 week for doing nothing.”

Huntsman gets a question on his support for global warming junk science and green jobs.

Ron Paul gives a solid answer on the 10th Amendment.

Here we go – Romney and Perry go at it.

Romney won’t call Obama a socialist. Not good.
If you walk like a duck, quack like a duck…

Perry just slapped down Mitt Romney on deleting quotes from his book.

Mitt says he didn’t support Obama’s race to the top…
That’s not what The Politico reported just yesterday.

Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Newt sound good tonight.

Rick Perry’s answer on confronting a nuclear-armed Taliban did not make much sense.

Santorum says accepting gays in military gives them a special class.

Herman Cain gets applause for surviving cancer.

Ron Paul supporters are out in force.

Debate is over – The best line goes to Governor Johnson. Rick Perry was not very good tonight. His funding for illegals will kill him in the primary and his lecturing conservatives on morality of it was embarrassing. He will have to improve or he is done. The media and fellow conservatives have hammered him and he doesn’t have an answer. It’s unfortunate because he has a fantastic record on creating jobs. Our country needs that.

The best part of tonight’s debate is that there was no clear winner. The liberal media won’t know who to target and destroy.

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