FOX News is hosting the Iowa Republican Debate tonight in Ames, Iowa.

Cain, Pawlenty, Paul, Romney, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman

Eight Republicans vying to replace President Obama will face off Thursday in a high-stakes debate

You can watch the debate live here.


WOW!… The crowd roared as Bret Baier opened up the debate on the Iowa State University campus.

Bachmann took the first question and promised to turn the economy around in one quarter. Romney would not give a time frame but talked about common sense conservative principles. Romney said he supported cut, cap and balance.

Ron Paul always sounds crazy to me. Especially when he talks on foreign policy.
The Paul-nuts were out in force.

Speaker Newt Gingrich just hit it out of the park talking about his fiscal accomplishments while in Congress.

Governor Pawlenty offers a prize to anyone who can find Barack Obama’s specific fiscal plan. Pawlenty will cook you dinner or cut your lawn if you can find it.

Chris Wallace asks a slimy question of Pawlenty, “Are you attacking Bachmann because she is inexperienced or is it because you are behind in the polls?”

Bachmann just clobbered Pawlenty on his gubernatorial record. She really nailed him.

Pawlenty just questioned her honesty. Ouch!
Here’s the video.

Newt Gingrich: Chris, I wish you’d but aside the gotcha questions!
WOW – NEWT JUST SLAMMED WALLACE!!! It was pure gold!!! It was a public spanking.
That was by far the best debate moment so far tonight.
I posted the video here.

Bachmann and Pawlenty attacked each other again.

Santorum to Bachmann- You have to fight for your principles but you can’t just say all or nothing.

Newt – I think this super committee is one of the dumbest ideas in a long time!

Mitt Romney explains his positions on Afghanistan.

Newt Gingrich just went after Brett Baier for misrepresenting his statements. (Cheers)

Ron Paul gets booed. (Video)

Huntsman attacks the EPA’s reign of terror. Good stuff.

Herman Cain just gave a good answer on job growth.

Closing comments.

Newt Gingrich gave a terrific closing comment – urged Americans to call their representatives and senators and get back to work now and deal with our national crisis.

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