Disgusting. Obama Lashes Out at Tea Party for Holding Back Recovery

Unreal. President Downgrade told town hall attendees this afternoon on his taxpayer-funded misery tour through the Midwest that “the tea party is holding back recovery.”

Yesterday it was back luck.

Obama lashed out at fiscal conservatives today for holding back recovery.
The AFP reported:


President Barack Obama accused Republican Tea Party activists of holding back the economic recovery Tuesday, hiking pressure on Congress to pass his yet-to-be unveiled jobs plan.

On the second day of a three-day bus tour of midwestern states, Obama expanded on his theme that political brinksmanship in Washington was harming America’s capacity to speed up the slowed recovery.

“The only question is if, as a nation, we’re going to do what it takes to grow this economy and put people back to work right now,” Obama said as he opened a Rural Economic Forum in a small town in northeastern Iowa.

“Can we get our politics to match up with the decency of our people?” he asked, renewing his push to extend a payroll tax cut, secure jobs help for returning war veterans and develop new generation fuels.

“The only thing that’s preventing us from passing the bills I just mentioned is the refusal of a faction in Congress to put country ahead of party.

“And that has to stop. Our economy cannot afford it. Our economy can’t afford it.”

Obama was referring to a band of conservative Republicans mostly in the House of Representatives who drove the United States to the brink of economic default in a dispute over raising the government’s debt ceiling.

The only thing the tea party is holding back on is the purse strings.
That’s what really has Obama upset.

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