Pelosi Tells SEIU Supporters: GOP Is Using Budget Deficit… As Excuse to Destroy (Video)

The Demon Lady put on quite a performance today for her union supporters.
Speaking to the SEIU, Minority leader Pelosi told her far left supporters that the Republicans are using the budget deficit as an excuse to destroy… plain and simple.

TPM reported, via FOX Nation:

“This isn’t just about them saying we should reduce the deficit,” she said, adding: “This is an excuse. The budget deficit is an excuse for the Republicans to undermine government plain and simple. They don’t just want to make cuts, they want to destroy. They want to destroy food safety, clean air, clean water, the department of education. They want to destroy your rights.”

Talk about destruction…
With Pelosi’s help, Barack Obama tripled the deficit his first year in office with the failed Obama-Pelosi stimulus plan.
In Obama’s second year the deficit topped a trillion dollars again.
It was unprecedented.

This year the Obama deficit may reach $1.29 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)


Barack Obama and Pelosi also added over One Trillion Dollars to the Federal Budget in the last 4 years.

That’s at least a 30% increase in federal spending in just 3 years.

Yet, Pelosi wants you to believe that Republicans are out to destroy America.
She is one very sick woman.

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