LA Drone-Making Company Under Terror Threat

Al-Qaeda terrorists threatened to attack 11 senior staff members at AeroVironment Inc. located near Los Angeles. The company makes unmanned surveillance aircraft.
Times of India reported:

Al-Qaida militants could target senior executives of a US company that builds unmanned surveillance aircraft, a media report said.

The terror group threatened to attack 11 senior staff at the AeroVironment Inc. (AV), based in Monrovia near Los Angeles, Xinhua reported quoting San Gabriel Valley Tribune on Friday.

AV makes a variety of unmanned surveillance aircraft systems, including the Dragon Eye, Raven, Wasp and Puma AE, that are used by US forces in the war on terrorism.


Top US military leaders and AeroVironment CEO Timothy Conver and other executives have been identified as targets on several jihadist websites, the Tribune said citing a blog post on Homeland Security Today, a New York-based website that follows security issues.

Monrovia city officials said security at the facility would be beefed up over the July 4 weekend after the threats surfaced on a jihadist website.

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