Breaking: Assad Loyalists Storm US Embassy in Damascus …Update: US Ambassador’s Home Attacked

The regime protesters rallied outside the U.S. Embassy in Damascus for 31 hours this weekend.

Pro-Syrian President Bashar Assad protesters gather in front the U.S. Embassy in Damascus July 8. (FOX News)

Pro-Assad protesters stormed the US embassy in Damascus today. The Syrians smashed windows and vandalized the building. They also raised a Syrian flag over the compound.
The AP reported:

Witnesses say Syrian pro-government protesters have attacked the U.S. embassy compound in Damascus, causing damage.

The witnesses said the protesters smashed windows and raised a Syrian flag on the compound on Monday. They also wrote anti-US graffiti referring to the U.S. ambassador as a “dog,” the witnesses said.

The protests were over visits by the U.S. and French ambassadors last week to the opposition stronghold of Hama in central Syria.

The US Ambassador visited the city of Hama last Friday to support the anti-regime protesters.


A pro-Syrian President Bashar Assad protester, holds up an anti-US placard as she protests against the visit of the US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford to Hama, in front the US embassy in Damascus, Syria, on Friday July 8, 2011. (AP)

UPDATE: FOX News is reporting that the mob then moved on and attacked the US Ambassador’s home in Syria. The US Ambassador was at the embassy when the mob attacked his home.

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