Right Online 2011 Saturday Shots

The Right Online 2011 Conference is being held this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Michelle Malkin spoke this morning at Right Online. She gave a great talk and was a huge hit with the crowd. Later in the morning she stood for an hour while people came and took pictures with her.

Ed Morrissey spoke at the conference today. Here he is with his lovely wife after his speech. She looks pleased.

Guy Benson from Townhall fame spoke this morning too.


The crew filming the upcoming Breitbart movie interviewed Michelle Malkin.

After our talks today Michelle Malkin and I had lunch near the Hilton. The crazy Netroots are also in town this weekend and left this “Free (traitor) Bradley Manning” chalk protest drawing on the sidewalk. It wouldn’t be a leftist convention without a little chalk graffiti, after all. And, of course, their latest hero is an American traitor… I had a great time catching up with Michelle. What a rock star.

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