OPEN THREAD: Obama’s Afghan Cut-&-Run Speech – “The Tide of War Is Receding”

The Taliban to fill void?

You knew it was only a matter of time.

Obama opens by whining about the War in Iraq.


Obama withdraws 33,000 troops by next year – the entire surge of troops.

US casualty rate in Afghanistan has increased five-fold under Obama.

Obama says he will pressure Pakistan.

Obama announces that, “The tide of war is receding.”

Obama strawman: Some would have us react militarily to every global conflict.

Obama, “We will support democratic movements across the Arab world.” (except Syria)

Obama, “We spent a trillion dollars in a decade of war.” (And, blew another trillion on a failed stimulus)

Of course, Obama did not mention ‘victory’ in his speech.

Here is the transcript to tonight’s speech.

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