Breaking: Hugo Chavez Has Cancer

This video of Chávez alongside Cuba’s Fidel and Raúl Castro was released yesterday in order to quell speculation about the health of Chavez.

Today, Hugo Chavez disclosed that he had undergone a successful operation in Cuba to remove a tumor and is on the road to a full recovery.

Reuters reported –

The 56-year-old president looked grave and emotional in his first speech to the nation since surgery in Havana on June 10 that confirmed speculation he may have something serious.

“They confirmed the existence of a tumorous abscess, with the presence of cancerous cells, which required another operation to extract the tumor completely,” he said, standing at a lectern by a Venezuelan flag and a painting of South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.

“I deeply appreciate the demonstrations of solidarity by Venezuelans and other brotherly people.”

Chavez gave no indication of when he would return to Venezuela and did not name a temporary substitute to lead the South American OPEC member nation of 29 million people.

Analysts say his prolonged absence could prompt infighting among his allies — none of whom possess Chavez’s charisma or national appeal — and possibly bring calls for an early election by opposition parties gearing up for a 2012 poll.

Until Thursday, the official line had been that he was recovering well from an operation to remove a pelvic abscess and would return soon.

Daniel from Venezuela News has more on the story from Venezuela.


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