Figures… Lib Illegal Alien Canvassing Group Is an Illegal PAC

Illegal aliens were out canvassing for far left Senator Patty Murray and democrats in Washington State last year.

Oct. 16: Maria Gianni, an illegal immigrant, poses for a portrait at a phone bank in Seattle being used by OneAmerica Votes. (FOX News)

This week the Seattle PDC Commissioners fined the radical leftist group for multiple campaign finance violations.
Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics reported:

The PDC Commissioners today accepted “OneAmerica Votes” (OAV)’s Stipulation to all alleged violations under my complaint. OAV, affiliated with illegal immigration advocates “OneAmerica”, illegally raised $156,000 and spent $112,000 on state and federal campaigns last year (exclusively for Democrats and liberal initiative positions) without registering or reporting its finances to the PDC. Much of its funding came, apparently illegally, from OneAmerica and the Tides Center, both claiming 501(c)(3) tax-exemptions.

The Commissioners accepted OAV’s preposterous excuse that it relied in good faith on bad advice that it was not obligated to report. Incredible. Two of OAV’s directors are practicing attorneys, yet the group claimed reliance on unverified advice from one individual (Richard Yang) who wasn’t qualified to dispense such advice. (More here)

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