Commie Kook Van Jones Challenges Glenn Beck to Debate (Video)

Commie kook and former Obama adviser Van Jones told Netroots Convention this weekend that he wants to challenge Glenn Beck to a debate. Jones also talked a lot about Popeye in his speech for some bizarre reason.

Mediaite reported:

Glenn Beck’s final days at Fox News are quickly fading and one person who surprisingly wants to make one last splash on Beck’s show is none other than longtime Beck nemesis, Van Jones. Jones, speaking at the Netroots Nation conference, said “I’ve had all I can stand FOX TV and I can’t stand no more.” However Jones also admitted that he is open to an epic debate with Beck, that is of course, if Beck is willing to accept the challenge.

Jones seemed extremely angry at first, discussing the smear campaign against him and addressing Fox News generally:

“It’s not just immoral, it’s un-American. To abuse the airwaves and to abuse the ears of our children with your lies and your filth. We’re tired of it – we’re sick of it.”

Yet by the end of his speech, Jones said he doesn’t hate his enemies and even wants to have a battle of ideas with Beck:

“I issue a personal challenge to my beloved brother Glenn Beck. I will debate you any time, anywhere, at any point. I give you an hour, you give my five minutes and I will stand up for our values, but you will have to stop talking about us and start talking to us. You got one week left before your show goes off. My phone is ringing. Call me!”

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