“We Are All Osama” Facebook Page Tops 10,000 Members Before Being Deleted For Violence

“We are all Osama” (except for the crushed skull)

The “We are all Osama” Facebook page topped 10,000 friends before being deleted for threats and violence.
The Village Voice reported:

A Facebook group entitled “We Are All Osama Bin Laden” started after his death has been deleted after topping 10,000 members, the blog ArabCrunch reports, guessing that the pro-Bin Laden page was removed because of “calls for violence,” but claims a double standard with things “related to Palestine or Islam.” The Facebook group seems to have caught the attention last week of right-wing message board Free Republic, whose members write about reporting it for “violence or harmful behavior” and “credible threat of violence.” It’s possible that with enough such reports, the page was removed from Facebook automatically.

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