The Definition of Incompetence… Team O Releases Version 29 on Osama Raid

Good Grief…
We now have 29 different versions of the Osama Bin Laden raid in Abbottabad by the Obama Administration.

1 through 26 are here. 28 is here.

This was number 27…
The head of the CIA admitted this week that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events.


Number 28 was when the White House goofed on their messaging all week but they did get the photos they wanted…they were staged.

Now this:

The White House released this photo of the security team watching the raid on the Osama compound in Abbottabad. Now we know the feed was not working.

(White House website)

But now Bob Woodward of Cheney assassination squad fame claims that the cameras were rolling the whole time.

So which was it?

Who are you going to believe? What incompetence.

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