Happy Memorial Day 2011

Happy Memorial Day!
Thank you to those who have sacrificed so that we may live in freedom.

On Memorial Day, I wanted to share this wonderful story.
I recently received this email:

Dear Jim,
I am sending you a link from my blog, as you were the one that shared with the internet world my dad: In Honor of Captain David P Gibson.  You have no idea how cathartic that was. My trial as a child of a soldier killed in Vietnam was no longer mine alone to carry. With you linking to my story, I was able to connect with fellow soldiers that actually knew dad, and they shared with me more of my dad.

Well my mom passed away this year (Rest In Peace Mom) and I shared a photo of mom given the Silver Star and the Purple Heart posthumously here, American History 1967.

Back to the link, I just wanted to share with you how you have been part of this journey by opening up the window to the world so that others could meet a family of an American soldier. Since Mom died it was time to really heal and so I wrote this post 44 Years Ago…in April.

I thank you Jim for your blog, I thank you for your linking to my first post I had ever written about dad.  You shared my story with so many that the time, the loss, and the grief was lessened because of the outpouring of responses I received in emails.  I thank you for your time pointing out America, and stories that are reflective of the individual…and that is why I know you are doing so well- because we are all individuals with amazing stories that have helped to build this nation.
Jennifer G.

Thank you, Jennifer. And, thanks for sharing your powerful story with us.


Lady Liberty also liked this this Memorial Day tribute by Gene Simmons.

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