Fantasy Obama Doll Released With Big Guns …Update: Rush Limbaugh – “They Used Michelle’s Body” (Video)

Is this a joke?

Hero Builders released a fantasy Obama doll with big guns and big guns.
MSNBC reported:

Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

The minute Obama said late on the night of May 1 that the U.S. had found and killed bin Laden, Emil Vicale knew which his action figure company’s would make next — Rambama.

On Wednesday morning, Hero Builders released the Obama SEAL Team 6 action figure — a muscular President in fatigues armed with an M1-A4.

UPDATE: Michelle’s body?

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