Conservative Todd Akin Announces Run For Senate Against Far Left Democrat Claire McCaskill

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) announced today that he will run for the United States Senate to replace far left democrat “Air-Claire” McCaskill. Akin will face Republican Sarah Steelman in the state primary.
From the Todd Akin for Senate website:

Today Congressman Todd Akin, a known and tested conservative congressman from Missouri’s Second Congressional District, announced that he will run for the United States Senate to replace Claire McCaskill in 2012. Congressman Akin made his announcement in St. Louis today, and will be traveling across Missouri this week to take questions regarding his candidacy.

Akin, who is known as a fiscal conservative and staunch defender of traditional values, stated that he had long considered whether to run for the U.S. Senate. Individuals and groups had urged him to run as a proven and tested conservative with a record of taking principled stands and fighting for lower taxes, less federal spending, and smaller government. Akin has won high praise from many conservative organizations including a 98% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.

Akin has also shown remarkable independence in voting against expansion of government and entitlements no matter which Administration proposed it. He voted against President Bush’s No Child Left Behind, which is an unfunded mandate from Washington DC that limits local control of education. Moreover, he broke from partisan politics and voted against President Bush’s expansion of Prescription Drug benefits, a large expansion in entitlement spending.

In addition, Akin voted against the Wall Street bailout, and against President Obama’s health care bill that stripped $500 billion out of Medicare as well as the President’s failed $787 billion stimulus bill, which grew this nation’s debt to historic proportions.

The following is a statement released today by Todd Akin: “I thank all of the residents of Missouri’s Second Congressional district who have over the years entrusted me with the responsibility of being their voice in Washington. I have always fought for the right to grow a business and raise a family without Washington politicians over-regulating and dictating how they think lives and businesses ought be run.

“Over the years, the common sense and sometimes uncommon wisdom of those I have represented has not only guided but also encouraged me as I have fought against the government takeover of our health care and many other aspects of our lives and businesses. The support I have been given during the last ten years is humbling.

“I am today announcing my candidacy for the United States Senate because of my deep concern about the condition of our economy, the debt, and excessive federal spending. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from fellow Missourians who share my convictions.”

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