British Press Continues to Mock Barack and Michelle’s Royal Adventure

Weird. You’d never see anything like this published in the state-run media here in the US.
Don’t they understand who they’re messing with?

This Daily Mail piece today mocks Michelle Obama – and the poorly placed plant behind her head.

(This screengrab was edited to show the picture under the headline)

Could you even imagine an American reporter writing this?
They’d be banned for life.


The Brits weren’t any easier with Barack. They slammed him for skipping an meeting with the Royal Society.
The Telegraph reported:

Had Mr Obama accepted the invitation, he would have been greeted by Sir Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society, who won a Nobel prize in 2001 for advances in genetics and cell biology.

Instead he met pupils at the Globe Academy who had won an award for designing a lunchbox which folds out into a plate.

Here’s another headline at the British Telegraph…
Barack Obama was outclassed at yesterday’s Downing Street press conference

At least the Obamas know they can ALWAYS count on the American liberal media to carry their water.

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