132 Confirmed Dead in Joplin – 156 Still Missing

156 people are still listed as missing in Joplin, Missouri.

90 people were taken off the list in the last 24 hours. But 20 more names were added to the list.

Five days after the worst tornado in decades 156 people are still missing in Joplin, Missouri.
The New York Times reported:

The number of people unaccounted for from this week’s tornado has been reduced to 156, officials said on Friday, as families received their first official notifications of the death of loved ones.

But the situation in Joplin remained confusing for many families as the vast majority of bodies had not been released from the morgue, and the authorities were unable to agree on the number of people who had died: The city says 132; the state, which is leading the effort, says 126.

State officials said they had confirmed the identities of 19 victims of Sunday’s tornado and had notified family members. The rest of the dead will presumably remain listed among the 156 missing until those bodies are identified.

Officials in Joplin said they had been able to pare down the list of the missing from Thursday’s tally of 232 after they had received “credible reports” that 90 people on the list had been found to be safe.

But the authorities said they had also received 22 new reports of people who have been missing since the tornado ruined as much as one-third of this southwest Missouri city.

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