Foul-Mouthed Far Left Thugs Disrupt Another Allen West Town Hall

Foul-mouthed far left goons were kicked out of Allen West’s town hall last night. The activists flipped off and swore at the crowd as they were escorted from the building.

Black far left thugs disrupted another Allen West town hall event on Wednesday night.
The Shark Tank has more video of screaming libs.

WBBF reported, via FOX Nation:

Police escorted a number of people out of a town hall meeting Wednesday night — the second night in a row that U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., held what became a heated event.

“I think they’re a bunch of jerks,” said Anne Dion after police walked her outside. “That’s what I think about being forced to leave.”

Trouble was brewing even before the event started. Sign-carrying protesters were asked to leave private property.

West warned the crowd about lashing out.

“You see a lot of media cameras, and the media’s here because they want to see a show,” he said.

The warning did not stop supporters and critics from turning up the volume.

“I don’t care who’s yelling at me, cursing at me or saying whatever,” said West. “You are still in America.”

West’s critics and supporters attended the event.

Here’s one of the tax the rich protesters.

You have to admit, the tape is a nice touch.

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