2,500 Turn Out For Tucson Tea Party

Over two thousand patriots turned out at the Tucson Tea Party.

Andrew Breitbart spoke to the crowd. He told the media to go to hell.

Congressional candidate and rocket scientist Ruth McClung is emcee today.

Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart revved up the crowd today.


The Tucson patriots had a difficult year and death threats. But these patriots won’t be silenced.

The Speakers Include: Andrew Breitbart, Dana Loesch, Dr. Larry Schweikart, AlfonZo Rachel, Jim Hoft, Bill Hennessy and special musical performances by Jadi Norris.

Trent and Jennifer Humphries did a great job organizing the Tucson Tea Party today. (Dana twitpic)

Both Dr. Schweikart and Andrew Breitbart will be on hand for book signings at various times during the event.

Dana Loesch gave a great speech to the Tucson crowd.

Dana Loesch took this shot

St. Louis leader Bill Hennessey fired up the crowd a few minutes ago.

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