Thousands of Iranains Chant Against Saudi Regime at Friday Protest


Thousands of protesters marched today in Tehran after Friday prayers. They chanted agains the US, Israel and the Saudi regime.
Fars News reported:

Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran and other cities across the country on Friday to voice support for uprisings in the region and condemn massacre of protesters in Bahrain.

During the massive demonstrations held following the Friday Prayers, demonstrators expressed their frustration with the crimes committed against Bahrainis by the Al Khalifa and Saudi Arabia’s Al Saud dynasties.

Protesters marched from the venue of the Friday Prayers at Tehran University towards Palestine Square.

They chanted slogans such as “Bahraini Muslim is against tyranny,” “Down with US,” “Israel commits crime, US supports,” “Saudi [Arabia] commits crime, US supports.”

The move came following announced plans by Bahraini protesters to take to the streets after the Friday Prayers.

Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei, a veteran Iranian politician, says Saudi Arabian forces have been sent to Bahrain to defend the US military and repress the uprising of the Bahraini people.


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