The Fallacy of Co-Existence

Former Republican Congressional candidate and friend Ari David sent in his analysis on the fallacy of coexistence.

The Fallacy of Co-Existence – by Ari David

Conservatives are logical people that ask logical questions about themselves, of themselves and about the world around them. A great failing of conservative thought on a mass scale is an inability to understand non-conservatives, or more specifically, anti-conservatives. These are groups of people like Jihadist Moslems who work to force Shariah compliance on others, leftists of all stripes: tyrannical atheists, American liberal democrat voters who really understand the democrat party’s plans for the nation and are okay with these plans, socialists, collectivists, communists and other people who have no faith save for their faith in big government solutions for all of a society’s challenges baffle the average conservative’s ability to understand what makes these people tick.

Why would anyone have a problem with conservatism? Even if you are not a conservative, conservatives don’t try to convert or coerce others, they try to convince others. The principles of conservatism are simple, clear and ethical: the civil society, individual liberty, respect for private property, limited government, the free market and the rule of law are not threatening ideas. These basic conservative tenets are welcoming and inclusive ideas. Unlike Jihadist Islam and communism, the conservative does not seek world domination so why can’t free societies just be left alone and in peace by those who have a differing world view to conservatism? Conservatism naturally “coexists” just by being itself.

At the forefront of conservative “un-“(or “mis” or ”non”) –understanding of anti-conservative thought is the question that if you are a fanatic adherent to Islam or leftism living in a free society, why can’t you just find a nice country that offers that system of government you would prefer to live in and move there rather than trying to destroy Israel or fundamentally transform America and Western civilizations into nations with the type of dystrophic governance that Islamic and leftist tyranny offer? North Korea and Iran welcome people with open arms who wish to be tools of the state. Why don’t people who have a corresponding worldview to these tyrannies just move there rather than trouble themselves with agitating here?

Although many on the left and in the Moslem world argue otherwise, the truth is that America’s and Israel’s very existence precludes the ultimate long term success of this kind of governance elsewhere. For instance, in the case of communism, one of the core tenets is total world domination (as in Islam) this is because the communist knows that if one nation were to remain with a free market economy, those forced to live under communist tyranny would inevitably relocate themselves to a place that had the benefits, pleasures, luxuries and conveniences of a free market and/or would sooner or later agitate in the communist country for free market reforms to bring these things to that society. The bottom line is that free market principles eventually win out over economic tyranny just by existing elsewhere.

Islamic countries experience that identical dynamic. There is no way for a Shariah compliant society with all of it’s idiocy, violence, torture, misogyny, murder and antithetical moral values surviving in the long term if even a small portion of that society learns that there is somewhere else to live on the planet that offers a lifestyle that is more pleasant. People would eventually question all the teachings about Allah the Mullahs espouse because there is something sacred and invincible in the human spirit that always and quite naturally yearns for freedom and pleasure. This natural component of the human spirit will eventually reject everything that virulent Islam, Jihadist and Shariah compliance force on people.

So, the answer to the questions: why can’t the leftist and/or the Moslem fanatic coexist with America and Israel? And why can’t these types of people just find a nice leftist and/or Moslem fanatic society to live in for themselves? Has a very simple answer. No. They cannot make this choice because it is impossible for them to coexist with us without eventually being destroyed by our existence. Even a passive democracy, like say France, will surely attract a number of apostates from these two faiths and these apostates will collapse all the hard work the leftist or Islamic tyrant did to make the perfect leftist or Islamic society. This is why we who are free will always be targeted for death, destruction, conversion and submission by those who are our ideological enemies. Just in case you haven’t noticed, this destruction is exactly what Islam and leftism is unleashing on France as you read this.

Sure, after getting attacked, terrorized or seeing crimes against humanity, our society inevitably fights evil regimes with military force too but it is not the military action America, Israel or the West takes that causes our enemies consternation, it’s our freedom, harmony and very existence that threatens evil regimes and causes them to attempt to destroy us in order to keep their own people in line with the ideologies the leaders have forced on the people to retain power.

This truth completely dispels the illogical myth of “coexistence.” An idea ironically pushed by those on the left and Islam who will never choose to coexist with a free society no matter how well their Utopian ideas of nation wide communes, workers’ paradises, gulags, terrorist training camps, Madrassas, mosques, compact fluorescent light bulbs, solar panels, windmills, smart cars and capped carbon emissions succeed in their own nations in the short term, eventually those flimsy ideas will be washed away by the powerful flow of freedom’s natural watershed. The leftist and Islamic fanatic has only one course of action to take which is to attempt to parch the spring of human yearning and poison the well of human freedom wherever it exists by forcing his sick ideology on all others to give any chance these backwards ideologies have at long term survival.

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