The Ohio unions have been protesting all week against the bill.

Of course, the state-run media won’t show you their Hitler signs.

The Ohio Senate passed their bill today that limits the powers of public employee unions.
CNN reported:

The Ohio state Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would curb the collective bargaining rights of public workers and strip away their power to strike.

Lawmakers approved the measure by a count of 17 to 16, with six Republicans voting in opposition.

The bill, known as Senate Bill 5, is supported by Republican Governor John Kasich. It would curb a 1983 Ohio state law that affords collective bargaining rights to public employees.

“No surprise,” said Senate President Tom Niehaus. “I’ve been saying for weeks that we have the votes to pass this bill. It reflects the diverse interests that our members have around the state of Ohio,” he said.

The near-500-page proposal was modified Tuesday with Republican-supported amendments cobbled into a single omnibus package.

Well, at least the union thugs haven’t burned down the state capitol yet…
But the night is still young.

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