PROTESTERS ATTACK FOX NEWS ANCHOR IN MADISON- Mike Tobin Hit Twice By Anti-FOX Goons (Video) …Update: Protester Threatens to Break Tobin’s Neck (Video)

When the Far Left Compared the Wisconsin Protests to the Protests in Egypt – They Meant It…

FOX News anchor Mike Tobin was attacked by far left thugs today in Madison, Wisconsin.

Hat Tip Kathy
The FOX News anchor said he was hit twice by the far left activists at the Wisconsin capitol building.
FOX News reported:

The civility and “toned down rhetoric” continues. Aren’t you glad all those Congressmen/women state together during the State of the Union address? As it has for the past two weeks with these union thugs protesting with their vile signs, the numerous videos of union goons physically attacking people, or the sexual innuendos to 17 year old kids. Now the hate filed left/union goons are finally starting to attack Fox News reporters. Frankly, with the vile lies that the left and media says about Fox, i’m surprised it took this long. The following is a video clip from the Wisconsin capitol Madison, while during an on air interview, reporter Mike Tobin was struck by a left wing union thug, as the crowd chanted “Fox News Lies.” Funny, though that whenever one of these nut jobs is asked exactly what Fox News lies about, none can come up with a clear answer. Instead, they filibuster, and try and talk about something else.

UPDATE: Another protester threatened to break Mike Tobin’s neck as he was broadcasting from Madison:

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