FAIL… Dems Left Red-Faced; Protesters Fail to Materialize at National MoveOn Rallies National Rallies A National Embarrassment –
Supporters Fail to Materialize Despite Best Astroturfed Efforts hosted dozens of rallies across the US today in support of public employee unions. The protests were organized by and about 45 other groups that typically support Democratic candidates and causes. They were hoping that Americans would be just as outraged as they are that public employee union members might have to pay more for their pension and health care in Wisconsin.

They went all out and even astroturfed their rally posters like this one at their Missouri rally.


If you look closely at the bottom of the poster you read that MoveOn sponsored the astroturfed rally.

Despite the best efforts of the state-run media and the far left, protesters failed to materialize today at the dozens of rallies in support of government employee unions. Maybe it’s because government employees make twice as much as the private sector?

Let’s face it. These were no tea party numbers despite their best astroturfing efforts.

In Jefferson City, Missouri about 200 and around 300 counter tea party protesters turned out at competing rallies. The tea party protesters, of course, showed more energy.
In St. Louis only 40-50 protested.
In Utah maybe a couple hundred turned out.
Possibly 300 in Virginia.
Around 500 in Washington DC where a bunch of loosely-connected leftist groups took turns complaining about the usual suspects: corporations, the rich, Speaker Boehner, the Tea Party, and men.
Los Angeles may have had one to two thousand in attendance – including self-avowed socialists.

Over all, it was a complete failure.
But, don’t tell the state-run media.
It doesn’t fit their agenda.

So how horrible was the turnout? There were more people at the Recall Wisconsin Senator Wirch rally today that there were at several of the MoveOn rallies.

Professor Jacobson
agrees: 50-State Union Protest Falls Far Short Of Predicted Turnout

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