Ditherer in Chief Says Gaddafi Must Leave Libya Now

This must have been difficult…
Especially since Gaddifi is such a huge fan.
Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi praised Barack Obama this week and acknowledged his Muslim descent.

After nearly two weeks of conflict, Obama told reporters today that Gaddafi must leave Libya now.
The AP reported:

Ratcheting up the pressure, President Barack Obama on Saturday said Moammar Gadhafi has lost his legitimacy to rule and urged the Libyan leader to leave power immediately.

It was the first time Obama has called for Gadhafi to step down, coming after days of bloodshed in Libya. Gadhafi has vowed to fight to the end to keep his four-decade grip on power in the North African country.

“When a leader’s only means of staying in power is to use mass violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now,” the White House said in a statement, summarizing Obama’s telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Paul Wolfowitz told reporters today that, “Obama slowness on Libya is a devastating image.”

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