RNC CHAIR RACE 2011 – STEELE-Ann Wagner Drop Out… Reince Priebus Wins

Steele Priebus Cino Wagner Anuzi

Round 1:
Here are the first round results.
Michael Steele did not do as well as expected.
Cino did better than expected.
First ballot results: Priebus 45, Steele 44, Cino 32, , Anuzis 24,Wagner 23
The voting is expected to go several rounds.
85 votes are needed to win.
Dave Weigel is floating some rumors from the floor.

Round 2:
RNC Member Yells Out ‘No’ When Asked To Support Steele For Second Term —
Priebus 52 Steele 37 Cino 30 Wagner 27 Anuzis 22
Priebus +7, Steele -7, Cino -2, Wagner +4, Anuzis -2 from first round

Round 2 RNC Take: Cino hits ceiling, will Anuzis drop out? Is it Priebus’ race to lose? Can Wagner become dark horse?
-20 minute break-

Round 3:
Third round begins – Interval between votes cut down to 10 minutes.
From Twitter: By the way, the winner of the 2008 race (Michael Steele) lost round 1, tied round 2 and lost round 4. It’s not over til it’s over.

Round 3 Results: Priebus – 54, Steele – 33, Wagner – 32, Cino – 28, Anuzis -21.
The real race is starting to take shape…
Priebus and Ann Wagner +9 since 1st round. Cino -4, Anuzis -3 and Steele -11.

Woah- Steele Drops.
There are rumors he is supporting Ann Wagner.
Ann Wagner from Missouri definitely has the momentum.

Round 4:
This was weird…
Round 4 results: Priebus 58, Cino 29, Wagner 28, Steele 28, Anuzis 24
Changes from 3rd to 4th ballot: Priebus +4, Steele -5, Cino -3, Anuzis +3, Wagner -4
Steele drops out in an emotional speech.
Asks supporters to support RINO Obamacare lobbyist Maria Cino.
FYI – Cino has been an active supporter and donor to a pro-abortion group.
That will go over well with the base.
Thank you, Michael Steele.

Round 5:
5TH BALLOT: Reince Priebus 67, Maria Cino 40, Saul Anuzi 32, Ann Wagner 28
Wanger and Anuzi are meeting.

Round 6:
They’re voting now…
The speaker just sent everyone to break and then realized they had to count the votes first.
Totals for Round 6: Priebus 80 Anuzi 37 Cino 34 Wagner 17
Bummer. It looks like my friend Ann Wagner, a true conservative despite those horrible immigration rumors, is done. If Reince “Lets execute Obama” Priebus wins, the RNC is in big trouble.

Ann Wagner drops. So sad. We do love her in Missouri.

Round 7:
3 candidates left
One RINO CINO- an Obamacare lobbyist and “former” abortion supporter
One Who is Steele-lite.
One who is conservative choice- Anuzi.

Round 8:
The speaker just sent everyone to break again and then realized they had to count the votes first.
Oops… Again.

Reince “Let’s Execute Obama” Priebus Wins!

Priebus 97
Anuzi 47
Cino 28
Nice work, RNC.

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