OBAMA 2011 SOTU Address – Comrades, This Is Our Generation’s Sputnik Moment!

It was supposed to be uplifting.


The National Journal has a full transcript of the 2011 Address.

Here’s a word cloud of the 2011 SOTU Address.
Via Charlie Foxtrot:


Parade of Failures — Obama’s cabinet marches in.

Jim DeMint just tweeted this:

Obama shakes hands with the Supreme Court… After attacking them last year.

Speaker Boehner just introduced Obama.

After ramming through Obamacare last year on a strictly partisan vote – Obama wants to usher in a new era of cooperation… Especially since the GOP won big in November.

Obama tries to give uplifting speech– It’s not working… AFter all he is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.

After bashing private industry for two years Obama now wants innovation.

Here we go…
Obama proposes new spending on innovation. After all, only government can create jobs


Good luck… “By 2035 80% of America’s energy will come from clean energy.”
(Don’t worry about that $5 gas that’s gonna hit this summer.)

Obama wants everyone to go to college. Yee-Hah

OBAMA PUSHES DREAM ACT. Let’s allow people to continue to break the law.

FAIL- Obama pushes high speed rail money pit and internet connection. It’s a human right!

Here we go… Socialist Obama asks for America to level the playing field.

Obama appears uptight. The applause is weak.

On Obamacare- “Anything can be improved” Not willing to go back to pre-Obamacare days.
He’s still pushing his unpopular and illegal Obamacare law. Didn’t we hear this crap last year? – Where’s Joe Wilson?

BOY YOU SURE CAN NOTICE a lack of Volume this year coming from the left. Too bad about that last election, huh?


Wow! It looked like 5 libs just stood up to applause! That 2010 election really was historic.

Obama still can’t say “victory” and “Iraq” in the same sentence. How sad.

Figures. Obama takes credit for Bush’s Sudan plan.

Obama just said the US supported democracy in Tunisia… Until the guns start blazing.

Obama just told a story about a miracle that happened in Chili when government got out of way , AND COMPLETELY MISS THE FREAKING POINT!

DATE NIGHT FAIL- Diluting the Democrats Drowned Out the Applause. What a DEAD SPEECH. Good grief.

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