New Liberal Civility: Radio Host Says He Wants to “Choke Rush Limbaugh” (Audio)

Change in tone?… What change in tone?
Liberal radio host Mike Malloy says he wants to choke Rush Limbaugh.

These loons just can’t help it.
The Radio Equalizer reported, via FOX Nation:

Just as a new report details how state-run media networks have used the Arizona shootings to attack conservative voices (by an eight-to-one ratio), one liberal hate-talker has decided to double-down on his notoriously-extreme rhetoric.

Syndicated/ XM-Sirius Satellite-based Mike Malloy, no stranger to Radio Equalizer readers, spent part of last night’s show defending his violence fantasies and even revealed a new one: a desire to choke Rush Limbaugh to death.

In the past, Malloy’s “fantasies” have targeted Dana Perino, Matt Drudge, Dick Cheney and many others. As conservative hosts have come under fire by left-wing media outlets over the past week, Bill O’Reilly and others have called attention to Malloy’s greatest hits, leading to Mike’s on-air “explanation”.

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