Liveblogging the Sarah Palin-Sean Hannity Interview

Sarah Palin sits down with Sean in an exclusive interview and addresses the anxious state of our union and the ridiculous charges that have been leveled at her by the main stream media over the Loughner shooting in Tucson, Arizona.

Sean introduces Governor Palin.  The lies and innuendo that she has endured this past week have not affected her looks.  She is her usual bright, beaming and upbeat self.

She was horrified to hear of the death of a nine year old child as well as the others injured and killed.  She realized immediately that she, among others, was being accused of being responsible for this tragedy.


Sarah addresses the infamous “target map”.  Says it’s not an original use for these maps, that the democrats do it, too.  She feels that it was appropriate to take the map down from the website.

The left wants to “stop the message and destroy the messenger”.

Civility means being well-mannered . The call for civility should not interfere with our ability to petition our government for redress.

Sarah says that “A lie cannot be allowed to live.” She feels that she has an obligation to speak out against the lies being told about her.  Being silent is not an option.  “I will not shut up!”  “If the left succeeds in shutting us up our republic will be destroyed.”  The most frustrating part of responding to these accusations was being accused of “interjecting herself into the story”.

Sarah recounted that immediately after the Tucson shooting occurred she and Todd were contacted by many in the MSM asking for her thoughts.  She refused to answer at that time, preferring to wait.

Sarah and her family, including her children, receive numerous death threats.  Sean references the vile, leftwing comments, bumper stickers, cartoons, etc.  Sean asked Palin, “The left hasn’t been very civil to you over the past year?”  Sarah responds that she realizes there are “double standards”.  That the “left isn’t listening to President Obama regarding his call for civility.”

Sean asks Sarah about Obama’s Tucson speech.  Sarah:  The speech had some good parts.  It seemed to be more of a campaign rally; a campaign stop.

Congress “needs to get back to work!”  It’s time to address rising debt, the energy crisis, and national security.  “These things must be addressed immediately!”

Sean asks Sarah if she’s going to run for President? Sarah:  “I’m not going to sit down!” “I’m not going to shut up!”  For now I want to join others in peaceful dissent and discussion.

Sean:  “Do you ever have a moment of doubt?”

Sarah:  “I will continue to speak for many.”  “I will continue to take the darts and arrows.”

-What a remarkable woman!-

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