Flag-Burning, Anti-Religious, Marx Supporter Kills Bush-Appointed Judge… The Left Blames Tea Party & Sarah Palin

As Melissa Clouthier tweeted:

“RT @ExJon: Constitution-hating, flag-burning, anti-religion, Karl Marx devotee murders Bush-appointed judge… It must be Palin’s fault!”

** Keith Olbermann tonight displayed a graphic showing Rep. Giffords as one of Sarah Palin’s targets.

** Paul Krugman blamed conservatives and Republicans.


** Arizona State Senator Linda Lopez blamed tea party patriots.

** Leading leftist blogs Daily Kos (Markos Moulitsas) and Crooks and Liars blamed Sarah Palin.

** Pima County AZ Sheriff Clarence Dupnik blamed the “prejudice and vitriol” in Arizona for the shooting today.

Jane Fonda blamed Sarah Palin.

These people just can’t help it.
What jerks!

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