And Off She Goes… Crackpot Pelosi Gives Unhinged Rant Then Hands Over The Gavel

It’s Over! We Survived!

Bye Bye Nancy!


It was time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi to turn over the Speaker’s gavel.  It was obvious she was loath to part with it.  I thought she would never stop talking.  I’m sure that Speaker Boehner felt the same.  And he was too much of a gentleman to cut her short.  I watched his hands while Pelosi droned on and on.  He was gripping the arm of the chair behind him.  I can only imagine the thoughts in his head.

As reported by Slate –


Nancy Pelosi’s speech was well-received, for the most part, but there was visible tension in the GOP section of the floor when Pelosi read out a litany of the bills passed by the 111th Congress. I heard a groan, which I couldn’t quite place, as Pelosi mentioned the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, such as “children not being denied health care because of pre-existing conditions,” and the CBO’s estimate for how much Democrats had saved Americans in tax cuts. Almost no Republicans applauded when Pelosi mentioned the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. There was a lot of smiling-through-annoyance, and a slightly smaller level of document-checking and cell phone-checking.

So Long, Speaker Pelosi.  A lot of people will sleep better tonight knowing that you no longer hold power over the Peoples’ Purse.

UPDATE: Of course, her speech was a partisan parting shot.

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