“Bumbling Clown” Exits Stage Left

Congressman Grayson (D-FL-8) will be departing the House of Representatives and Washington D.C., along with the rest of the members of the 111th Congress that failed in their bid for reelection.

(The Gateway Pundit)

Grayson believes that he didn’t push harder left.  And he blames the Republicans even though his own Party cut him loose.  I suppose it wouldn’t be that the voters in his district were fed up with his over-the-top antics?  Antics so over-the-top that it prompted one host to remark that speaking to Rep. Grayson made him wonder: “Is Alan Grayson Medicated?“.


In an exit interview with The New York Times he was his usual abrasive, smug self.

He has zero faith in the incoming speaker of the House, John A. Boehner, whom he calls a “tool of special interest.”

He derides the Tea Party’s successes as “bought and paid for by the enormously rich and the selfish.”

And he can barely contain distaste for his Republican successor, whose views he sums up as “bizarre fundamentalist.”

Representative Alan Grayson, a Democrat from Florida’s Eighth Congressional District, is leaving office on Wednesday much as he entered it two years ago — as the pugnaciously partisan, verbal-bomb-tossing, liberal folk hero of the 111th Congress.

But in a wide-ranging interview as his term drew to a close, he repeatedly aimed his artillery in an unexpected direction: toward his own party.

Not for overreaching, in this age of hand-wringing over big government and creeping “socialism,” or for ideological purism. Instead, while surveying the wreckage of the November elections that cost him his seat and looking to the Congressional term ahead, Mr. Grayson posits that many Democrats have not been acting Democratic enough.

Judging by the results of the midterm elections, it does not exactly seem to be a widespread sentiment.


He would not rule out running for Congress again “if that’s what people want.”

For now, though, Mr. Grayson is committed to making up for lost family time — and maybe catching up on a bit of television. It was switched off during his bruising re-election campaign to avoid having his children glimpse advertisements that portrayed him as a bumbling clown.

“At least,” he recalled dryly, “we had Netflix.”

Not to worry, folks.  Rep. Grayson has not ruled out a presidential run as an anti-war challenger to Barack Obama.

His children may never get to watch television again!

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