White House Is Outraged That GOP Wants to Read Nuke Bill in Senate Before Dems Ram It Through

Now democrats want to ram through a nuclear arms bill.

The White House is outraged, outraged that Republicans want to read the START nuclear treaty on the Senate floor before democrats ram it through. Democrats can’t wait until January to properly review and debate the nuclear arms bill before it becomes law.
The Hill reported:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Wednesday blasted Republican opposition to the New START nuclear arms treaty, calling it a “new low in putting political stunts ahead of our national security.”

Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) call to read the entire treaty on the Senate floor in an effort to delay the ratification was described by Gibbs as “the height of hypocrisy.”

“While some express concern that the Senate doesn’t have time to debate the treaty, Sen. DeMint wants to waste 12 hours to read the text of a treaty that has been available to every member of the Senate and the public for more than eight months,” Gibbs said.

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