Unbelievable… Democrat Asks For $48 BILLION EARMARK to Redistribute Wealth to Inner City

No, this is not a joke.

The Mother of All Earmarks…
Liberal Representative Emanuel Cleaver has proposed a whopping $48 BILLION EARMARK that would redistribute wealth to the inner cities.

Rep. CLeaver will lead the Congressional Black Caucus next year. (CBC Blog)

This is theft.
The Southeast Missourian reported:


Rep. Cleaver has proposed a $48 billion earmark
When absurdity gives way to hilarity, you must be talking about politics.

In the midst of a colossal global concern for the economic stability of our great nation, Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri’s 5th Congressional District representative, has one small earmark on his wish list that deserves some attention.

Cleaver has listed a new earmark — one of several — and he promises to “fight for every one.” But this is a whopping $48 billion package that must go down as the grandaddy of all earmarks.

Proposed by a gentleman named Lamar Mickens, president of the not-for-profit Quality Day Campus, the $48 billion earmark would funnel money into the inner cities to give money to the poor and thereby produce a much larger consumer class to buy the goods and services produced in this country.

Just call this redistribution on steroids.

Cleaver’s office says this of the proposal:

“The Epicenter is a proposed estimated $48 billion (Phase One) mass scale urban reclamation project for combating, reducing, reversing and/or eliminating poverty within under served communities by utilizing mass scale economic redevelopment to bring about stability and self reliance.

Hat Tip Lee

You sure wouldn’t wouldn’t have heard this if you only followed the state-run media. They’re too busy attacking Republicans for their hundred thousand dollar earmarks.

More… Ace adds:

I like that “(Phase One)” in parentheses. I’m searching to find out what the hell Phase Two could possibly be, but no one seems to know.

I’m thinking if 48 billion is the foot in the door, Phase Two has got to involve real money.

Pony up.

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