Republican Filibuster May Kill DREAM Act Amnesty Bill – Vote This AM

** Michelle Malkin – DREAM Act cloture vote is scheduled for 10:30am Saturday.
Click here for your handy target phone list as we head toward the Saturday DREAM Act vote in the Senate.

Senate Republicans may kill the DREAM Act today with a filibuster. Several senators remain undecided on their vote including Obama-lackey Claire McCaskill from Missouri.
The Hill reported:

With the Senate poised to vote Saturday on legislation offering illegal immigrant students a chance to remain in the country lawfully, one of Capitol Hill’s leading advocates for the DREAM Act doesn’t like its chances.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said Friday that, while supporters have picked up “a few Republicans” in the Senate, a GOP filibuster will likely sink the bill.

“It would pass if we would just let democracy work,” Gutierrez said, indicating the proposal will win support from a majority of senators, but not the 60 members required to defeat a filibuster.

The Illinois Democrat also slammed Senate Republicans for what he considers their over-reliance on procedural hurdles to kill even minor Democratic initiatives.

“I thought the filibuster was for, like, going to war — not for everything,” Gutierrez said.

House lawmakers passed the DREAM Act last week, but the proposal faces a much tougher road in the Senate, where even past supporters of the bill have jumped ship this year.

Of the seven Republicans to vote in favor of a similar measure in 2007, only two — Sens. Richard Lugar (Ind.) and Robert Bennett (Utah) — have committed to supporting it this time around. A number of centrist Democrats have also announced their opposition to the bill, including Sens. Ben Nelson (Neb.), who voted for the 2007 measure, and Jon Tester (Mont.).

A number of lawmakers, including Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), remained undecided.

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