Obama Officials Now Referring to Hezbollah Terrorist Organization As the “Armed Resistance”

According to documents released by Wikileaks, Obama State Department officials refer to the Hezbollah terror organization as the “armed resistance.”

This is the same terror organization that fires on Israeli troops from behind 3-story buildings in residential neighborhoods.

World Net Daily reported, via Jawa Report:


Pieces of U.S. State Department diplomatic correspondence have been referring to the Hezbollah terrorist organization as a “resistance” group, according to cables released by WikiLeaks and reviewed by WND.

Outside of al-Qaida, the Iranian-backed Hezbollah has the distinction of having killed the most Americans in terror attacks. It is also responsible for scores of terrorist actions targeting Israelis, including rocket launchings against civilian population centers. Hezbollah’s attacks against the Israeli north in 2006 killed 43 Israeli civilians and wounded more than 4,000.

And the State Department officially designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

Still, a State Department cable from the U.S. embassy in Damascus referred to Hezbollah’s “armed resistance” against the Jewish state.

Read the cable: “U.S.-Syrian discussions on Hezbollah have tended to ‘agree to disagree’ after hitting the wall of conflicting views on the legitimacy of armed resistance and Israeli occupation.”

The cable and others from around the same time period went on to detail a series of complaints the State Department filed with the Syrian government over its continued arming of Hezbollah to the point the Iranian-backed group is thought to have more than 40,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel.

One cable related Hezbollah’s estimated capability to sustain rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and Israel’s north, which would represent a “quantum leap” over the damage Hezbollah caused to Israel during the 2006 war.

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