It’s Official: Obama-Pelosi Regime Moves One Step Closer to Controlling Internet – Vote Tomorrow

They just won’t stop…

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is proposing rules he said will preserve an “open internet.”

The Democrats moved one step closer today in their push to control the internet.
Liberal FCC officials will vote tomorrow on sweeping new internet regulations.
The National Journal reported:

It’s official: the path has been cleared for Tuesday’s historic vote at the Federal Communications Commission approving sweeping new “network neutrality” rules designed to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform that doesn’t favor dominant telecommunications and cable companies.

Democratic FCC regulator Michael Copps just issued a statement in which he explains that he will “concur” on the proposed rules, meaning he supports their adoption but doesn’t agree with everything in them.

Senior officials have also confirmed that all three Democrats on the five-member commission will support the rules, providing FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski with the support he needed for the plan. Copps and fellow Democratic regulator Mignon Clyburn have been fighting for stronger provisions to better protect consumers and smaller competitors.

Wireless carriers have also endorsed (albeit grudgingly) the net neutrality plan, offering Genachowski critical industry support that can help dampen congressional criticism. They insist they need maximum flexibility in operating their networks due to capacity constraints, and won’t block competitors.

Critics of the proposal dismiss it as unnecessary government intervention that seeks to correct marketplace problems that do not exist.

The WSJ added: ‘Net neutrality’ sounds nice, but the Web is working fine now. The new rules will inhibit investment, deter innovation and create a billable-hours bonanza for lawyers.

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