Hundreds Line Up For Assistance as Obama Depression Lines Form In Georgia

The democrat’s economic policies are taking a toll on the American people.
Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression. More than 40 million Americans are now receiving food stamps, a record.

It’s so bad that Americans are lining up overnight to gain heating assistance.

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CBS Atlanta reported:

A Marietta nonprofit group that helps people pay energy bills was forced to turn away dozens of people after it ran out of funding.

The Tallatoona Action Partnership opened its doors Wednesday to find hundreds of people — some who had spent the night in the parking lot — waiting in line for assistance.

The partnership disperses federal funding to people in need, said Sarita Johnson, the group’s Cobb energy coordinator. She said 570 people were granted appointments. The others, including people who showed up at the Mansour Center Thursday, were put on a waiting list, she said.

“It breaks my heart to have to stand out here and tell people that unfortunately, I cannot see them and that funds are exhausted,” Johnson said.

“It’s kind of cold. It’s getting around Christmas, and I was in need of help with my energy assistance,” said Niko Northington, after she was turned away.

Michelle Buttler was also disappointed. She recently left her job as a hair stylist after clients stopped scheduling appointments to save money. “I took on a nanny job with someone that’s starting a business,” she said. “Unfortunately, they called me Sunday night and told me they no longer can assist me because they’re financially broke.”

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