CHINA BLOWS UP US CARRIER GROUP in Video at This Year’s Air Show

Don’t be upset… It’s only an ad.
China displayed video of their unmanned aerial vehicles destroying a US carrier group off the coast of Taiwan at this year’s air show.

China is advertising its drones by showing US aircraft carrier group rushing towards Taiwan. (WSJ)

Well this is a bit concerning.
China displayed video at their air show this year of their drones destroying a US carrier group.
Libradex reported, via Free Republic:

Check out the latest from the Air Show China. This year, China is showcasing numerous models of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones); most of which are for sale.

Look closely at the WJ600 model:

“The Chinese drone of greatest potential concern to the U.S. is the one with several missiles and a jet engine—called the WJ600—which was displayed by China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp., or Casic, one of China’s top weapons makers.

Casic officials declined to comment, but a video and a two-dimensional display by the company showed Chinese forces using the WJ600 to help attack what appeared to be a U.S. aircraft carrier steaming toward an island off China’s coast that many visitors assumed to be Taiwan. “

Excuse me? China is marketing the prowess of drones to…attack a US aircraft carrier? How is this not national news every day? China, one of our largest TRADING PARTNERS, has a video touting the eficiency of these drones by ATTACKING US AIRCRAFT CARRIERS? That is their opinion of a “good drone”: one that can attack a US aircraft carrier. Can you imagine Northrup Grumman airing an ad about one of their missiles attacking a Chinese military base?

And who are they marketing these to at this air show? OTHER COUNTRIES who would have an interest in….ATTACKING US AIRCRAFT CARRIERS!

Clearly China has no interest in attacking America directly. What they DO have an interest in is attacking Taiwan (which we protect with forces and weapons sales), as well as becoming the regional power in Asia; NO US influence in the region is to be tolerated.

When are we going to wake up and realize that the people “selling” China as a benevolent force to America are either mindless dupes or businessmen that have an interest in selling goods there. China is not interested in fairness or recoprocal partnership; they are interested in them gaining power and us losing power.

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