BUSTED: ABC Props Up Disguised Dem Activist as Victim of GOP Policy

ABC Gets Caught With Their Pants Down–

This was just blatantly dishonest.
ABC propped up a far left liberal activist as a poor innocent unemployed woman who was devastated by greedy Republicans who want to take away her unemployment benefits.
NewsBusters reported:

From NewsBusters:

Good Morning America’s Claire Shipman on Thursday tried to disguise a Democratic activist as just a jobless American who would be hurt by Republican failure to extend unemployment benefits. Shipman sympathetically recounted that Edrie Irvine, who she didn’t explain spoke at a Nancy Pelosi press conference on Wednesday, “never thought her very livelihood would depend on a political debate in Congress.”

A graphic reading “unemployed” appeared onscreen as Irvine complained, “They are talking about tax cuts for the rich and are holding people like me hostage.” Who is Ms. Irvine? According to her bio on the leftist Democracy For America web page, she’s a “tree-hugging, bleeding-heart, ACLU-card-carrying progressive liberal and damn proud of it!”

ABC also forgot to mention that Ms Irvine recently spoke at a far left One Nation Rally:

ABC even showed a few seconds of Pelosi’s Wednesday unemployment rally but forgot to mention that Edrie Irvine spoke there.
And they wonder why Americans don’t trust the media anymore?

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