Brrr… COLDEST DECEMBER EVER Causes Record Deaths in London

The cold weather is causing record deaths in London this year putting a strain on mortuaries. Overall the government says that 15 percent of the deaths in London are related to the record cold this year.

(Daily Mail)

The mortuaries can’t keep up.
The London Daily News reported:

Fatal accidents, flu and the cold weather have put mortuaries in the capital under “severe pressure” following research carried out by the London Daily News. With local authorities sharing mortuary services in London like Enfield, Barnet and Haringey to save money, mortuaries are not able to cope with the number of deaths occurring in the capital in the build up to Christmas. Overall the government claims that 15 per cent of all deaths in London are related to the cold weather, this is likely according to statisticians and health experts to increase by a further 10-15 per cent in the next months.

Funeral directors have also spoken about “record number of funerals” in the last months, with one funeral director planning to recruit more staff in the New Year to deal with the demand.

“We normally have about ten funerals a week, now its more like twenty, the reason for this growth has something to do with the weather, but it could also be down to a number of other factors like old age”, a funeral director in north London who spoke anonymously.

Europe is suffering through the coldest December on record.
The Daily Mail reported:


* Millions begin the big Christmas and New Year getaway early as the AA urged motorists to beware of the ‘worst driving conditions imaginable’
* Quarter of train services disrupted, travel warning in Kent
* Experts warn of a backlog of up to 4 million of parcels which could remain undelivered this Christmas
* The NHS issues an urgent appeal for blood donors as concerns grow over shortages
* Councils reveal plans to share grit amid fears the cold snap could last until January 14
* Odds shortened even further on a ‘White Christmas’ in some parts of the country next Saturday

Swathes of Britain skidded to a halt today as the big freeze returned – grounding flights, closing rail links and leaving traffic at a standstill.

And tonight the nation was braced for another 10in of snow and yet more sub-zero temperatures – with no let-up in the bitterly cold weather for at least a month, forecasters have warned.

The Arctic conditions are set to last through the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and beyond and as temperatures plummeted to -10c (14f) the Met Office said this December was ‘almost certain’ to become the coldest since records began in 1910.

Al Gore was not available for comment.

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