At Least 7 Dead in Explosion at Internet Cafe in Southern China

A photo taken on Sunday, November 5 shows rescuers arriving at the internet cafe in Kaili, southwest China’s Guizhou Province where an explosion killed six people and injured 37 others. [Photo: CRI-Xinhua]

At least six people were killed today when an bomb went off at an internet cafe in downtown Kaili City. The cafe looks completely destroyed. Officials are still looking for victims in the rubble. The cause of the explosion is unknown.
CNN International reported:

A blast at an internet cafe in southern China killed six people and injured 34 others Saturday night, state-run media reported.

The explosion occurred around 10:30 p.m. in downtown Kaili City, located in Guizhou province, according to Xinhua, citing the province’s public security department.

Police are still trying to determine what caused the incident.

Pictures from the scene show the building torn to shreds, its contents largely unrecognizable and many walls ripped down. Rescue workers said the windows of nearby residential buildings were also blown out.

Emergency personnel pulled several victims from the debris and ambulances transported those hurt to nearby hospitals, according to the public security department.

UPDATE: Chinese authorities said the explosion was caused by stored chemicals… at an internet cafe?

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