Anarcho-Leftists Physically Attack Camilla Through Car Window… Pi$$ on Churchill!

Thugs managed to reach deep into the car Prince Charles and Camilla were riding in yesterday.

Moment of terror: a protester confronts Camilla in the royal car (Evening Standard)

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall was physically assaulted last night by anarcho-leftist rioters in London.
The Evening Standard reported, vai Drudge:

The Duchess of Cornwall was physically attacked through an open car window as thugs rampaged through London, the Standard can reveal today.

A rioter managed to push a stick through an open window of the limousine and jab her in the ribs. Camilla’s terrifying ordeal came as a baying mob surrounded her and husband Prince Charles when they rode through central London in the vintage Rolls-Royce last night.

A police source said one of the car’s rear windows was opened by mistake as tuition fee protesters moved in. The attack is the biggest royal security breach in decades and raises new questions about the protection of the couple.

The Standard can now reveal the breach was even more serious than first appeared, with thugs managing to reach deep into the car’s interior.

Prince Charles was back out in public again today after yesterday’s attack:

More… The anarcho-leftist thugs pi$$ed on Churchill:

Shameful: A protester urinates on the statue of Winston Churchill during the rioting yesterday.

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