2 White British Muslim Converts Killed By Drone in Pakistan


A US drone eliminated two British converts to Islam this week. (Daily Mail)

They were most likely on a peace mission.
Two British converts “Steve” and “Gerry” were killed in a Hellfire missile attack in Pakistan this week.
The Sun reported, via Free Republic:

TWO white British al-Qaeda terrorists – one said to have been called Steve – have been killed in a drone attack in Pakistan.

The Foreign Office is investigating reports that the two men died in a Hellfire missile strike by a remote-controlled US aircraft near the town of Datta Khel six days ago.

The militants, aged 48 and 25 and using the pseudonyms Abu Bakr and Mansoor Ahmed, were said to be in a vehicle in the mountainous region with two other al-Qaeda fighters at the time.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman last night said: “We are aware of media reports of the death of two British nationals in Pakistan.

“Our High Commission in Pakistan is seeking further information on these reports.”

If the reports are confirmed, they would be the first white British converts to have been killed in the area.

They must have been delivering loaves of bread to the poor.

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